Tour Player Treatment

Players Club - brought to you by Legacy Golf

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience the same treatment as a professional tour player? Picture this: the latest cutting-edge equipment delivered right to your doorstep precisely when you need it.

With Legacy Golf, that dream can become a reality. No more forgetting to order your favorite golf ball before your rounds and settling for subpar options from the pro shop that may ruin your game. By joining the Legacy Golf Players Club, you'll receive the tour player treatment, getting your ideal golf ball model delivered to you every month. Elevate your game and start improving your scores on the course with us.

Choose your favorite golf ball model, and we'll deliver your personalized Legacy Golf box right to your doorstep every month. Level up your game by consistently using the same equipment, tailored to your preferences, and witness the improvements on the course. As a Players Club member, you'll also enjoy exclusive pricing benefits, ensuring that your passion for golf doesn't break the bank. Join now and take your game to new heights with Legacy Golf!