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Legacy Golf

Est. 2021 in Houston, Texas

Pro Level Performance

Legacy Golf was built on the belief that we could improve the game of golf for both avid and casual players. We deliver premium tour level balls that perform on par with the titans of the industry, for a fraction of the standard price. There are no markups for huge corporate sponsorships like you see with the big names in golf; we are all about affordability while maintaining that high level of performance.


One of the main challenges golfers face is dealing with inconsistency; changing balls every round or playing with balls you find along the way is certainly not helping improve your score. With most premium ball models running around $50/dozen, the average golfer can't afford that kind of consistency. Our mission is for all golfers to be able to achieve tour level performance and consistency without breaking the bank.


Legacy isn't just about affordable, high performance golf balls. We also want to make a meaningful difference in the way we treat the world around us. We are committed to cutting all plastics and strictly using recyclable and biodegradable material in the production of our packaging. At Legacy, we love the game of golf, but we love this planet and it's beautiful golf courses as well. To us, it is important to leave behind an environment that can sustain many generations of golfers to come.

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